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米乐体育m6官网51 currently partners with BigCommerce. With our background in ecommerce and our team of developers, designers and conversion specialists, we have worked, developed and maintained a variety of ecommerce solutions. Therefore, our decision to partner with one specific provider wasn’t taken lightly. However, the huge benefits available to us and our clients via BigCommerce couldn’t be ignored.

the other platforms At a glance


Magento is the popular heavy weight solution. It is a very sophisticated platform when it is in the hands of the right developers, but development can take a long time and it can be a high cost solution, even for the most basic of ecommerce stores.


Shopify is a powerful SaaS solution that competes against BigCommerce and provides a unique support and hosting experience. However, here at A51, we felt it was very ‘third party app’ reliant when we previously built websites for our clients, so it isn’t our preferred choice. If Shopify is your chosen platform because of the payment gateway, there are simple options to solve this.


Here at 米乐体育m6官网51, we love WordPress. It has some great features and allows you to build impressive websites which can be indexed quickly by search engines. However, we wouldn’t recommend the WooCommerce plugin as a powerful ecommerce solution.

why choose bigcommerce?

To help you decide if BigCommerce is right for you, we have put together a handy comparison table relating to Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify.

If you would like to understand how we can help you grow your ecommerce store give our team a call on 米乐体育m6官网.

Comparison Chart

To give you a full comparison table:

¹ Requires a 3rd party app   ² A developer is recommended   ³ A third party plugin is required

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